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Coin creation

A utility token has an immense functionality than a coin. Utility tokens do have value, but they cannot be treated as a crypto coin. Our utility token development solutions are supported across various sets of industries.

Be it small-level, mid-level or an enterprise-level, we provide solutions regardless of complexity! Our creative-edge results are delivered at a reasonable cost in the market! BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) & ERC-20 (Ethereum Network).

SEC legal team referral

We at Cryptomakers, provide SEC referrals. Most of our referrals are ex-securities exchange lawyers, so they are very familiar with laws and regulations within this realm. Securities Lawyers tackle legal issues associated with stocks, bonds and investments. Securities is a specialty within business law. Specialty lawyers deal with ever changing laws of securities and more importantly blockchain/ cryptocurrencies.

White paper

In the cryptocurrency world, crypto makers help entrepreneurs in writing and delivering quality whitepapers.

We provide end-to-end cryptocurrency services and support the clients even after launching the products in the market. Crypto Makers offers a whitepaper explaining all the features of your model which is essential to raise funds.

Crypto currency wallet

Our personalized cryptocurrency wallet has highly advanced security features, multilingual support and payment gateways which enables the users to have smooth and faster crypto transactions.Any and all content is not legal, securities, or tax advice. All parties must seek their own legal counsel for local, federal, and state jurisdictions. All content is for entertainment purposes only.

Legacy advisory

Our legacy advisors have media presence which serve as business counselors and legacy management captains, guiding clients through the many complex legal and business issues that can impact their assets.

NFT creation

We provide the following NFT development services:

  • NFT token development
  • NFT marketplace development
  • NFT exchange listing
  • NFT white paper creation, NFT lending, staking, crowdfunding
Digital marketing

Our team helps you establish a good web presence relevant to your coin’s demographics. Digital marketing is one of the most important parts in having a successful coin, we must tailor the digital marketing campaigns specifically for the demographics of your coin. To create the maximum awareness, both pre & post launch, ultimately creating top value for your coin creation.

Celebrity integration

We work with top celebrities that can help implement awareness of your coin to the masses. The celebrities' mass followings can help jumpstart a good coin immediately into the world's hands.

  • Pre-launch awareness campaign
  • Red carpet launch party
  • Public celebrity updates via social media platforms
Meme coin creation

A fun way to show your marketing power and teach people how powerful your coin can be.

  • We provide meme logo creation
  • Meme litepaper
  • Meme coin creation on specified Blockchain network Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Social media setup
  • Website development
  • Roadmap/timeline
  • Ex SEC legal team referral
  • Media advisors & crypto consultants and top PR team

Reward based coins to reward your clients and customers discounts on future purchases.

We found this a very effective way to maintain loyalty for your customers or fanbase.

Here’s the list of basic things you have to note down for creating your own token on the Binance Chain:-

  • Token Name: When creating a token, you’ll need to choose your token name perfectly E.g. "Token name"
  • Token Symbol: The next thing, for all tokens symbols, is a much needed one, so you have to decide your token symbol E.g. "TN"
  • Token Decimal Places: ie : token has 8 decimal places, which means fraction part of the tokens I.E. "100000000"
  • Total Supply: You need to note down the number of tokens in circulation, which was allocated by the owner
  • Balance Of: It returns the token balance of the account to the authorized person address