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Cyber Security


Maintaining Control
Privacy-focused Security
Threat detection
Data protection

Maintaining control

Staying in control is the first step toward securing your company. However, when everything is outside your control, this has become tough. Your users can now work from anywhere and use networks and software that you don't control. It doesn't help that you have a jumble of apps strewn across your data centres, cloud providers, and SaaS offerings. Cyber-Security provides data protection on unmanaged endpoints, in the cloud, and everywhere in between. We take away the guesswork by giving you real-time visibility into what's going on. We enable you to dial in precise access, safeguard your data, and hunt for dangers with these actionable analytics in one spot.

Preventing data breaches

To keep your company's data safe, you'll need security that allows your workers to work how they want without jeopardising your data. At its most basic level, a security team's mission is to keep data from being stolen. This holds true for all types of data, including intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), and product development and acquisition plans. Cyber-Security keeps your data safe in every situation. We understand the information your employees require for their jobs and may provide dynamic access based on the user's risk profile. With a thorough understanding of your data, we can classify and encrypt data on the fly to prevent illegal access or unintentional disclosure.

Obtain Regulatory Compliance While Maintaining Productivity

Regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA exist to protect personal, financial, and health data. If you don't know who has access to your data and how it's being handled, you run the risk of revealing it and breaking regulations. However, user productivity and privacy should not be harmed as a result of this visibility. The Cyber-Security platform restores the perimeter controls you previously had. We give you total visibility over your users' actions, the endpoints and apps they use, the data you hold, and how it's being used. You can use those insights to implement dynamic Zero Trust access and data protection across the board.

Our Vision.

Everyone's perspective on cyber security architecture has shifted dramatically. Organizations had to swiftly scale their security to safeguard each home as a remote office when employees began working from home. What was once contained within your walls and data centre is now found on the outskirts of your boundaries. This means you can't see what's going on with your users, endpoints, apps, or data anymore. Cyber-Security’s endpoint security and secure access service edge (SASE) work together to protect data while maintaining user privacy. We give you the visibility, analytics, and controls you need in a single platform with an integrated endpoint-to-cloud solution.